Thursday, January 13, 2011

Close to my heart

So I read many many blogs. Or maybe a more accurate description would be I glance at many. Well, I love reading C Jane's various blogs. One I read today was close to my heart. I love my children so much. For a very little while in the beginning of our marriage, it seemed we were not going to have any children. And then We found out I was pregnant with Miaya! It was such an awesome and pleasant surprise. :)

So, having said that, Motherhood doesn't always come easily for me. With Miaya, everything was easy for me. The pregnancy, the labor, the birth, and the after. I felt I was an excellent mother. The best. :) For my Miaya, of course. hahahahahaha. After pregnancy number two, I think I got a bit of the postpartum depression. I didn't realize it until much later. It was hard to lose the baby. But then I got better. And after thinking again that maybe we would be parents to our one and only Miaya, I became pregnant with Sarah. Such blessings are my girls in my life. They make it so full, so purpose filled, so good. :) I am so grateful for them. I have much joy in my life from my little family.

The transition from one to two kids was a struggle for me. I remember being pregnant with Sarah and seeing my friend sit with her two little ones in church and thinking how does she do it? That must be so hard! And Miriam having her two little ones, and Melisa too. And now I know. You just do it. But for me, there was a transition period. Like in C Jane's blog, the first postpartum month was quite a change for me. With Miaya, it wasn't as difficult, because Dustin was an adult and knew I would be more consumed, if you will, with taking care of Miaya. Miaya didn't understand why she could no longer able to have our complete and total attention. It has been good, though, and I have grown. And how grateful I am for that.


Miaya wanted me to type a bunch of b's  because she learned about letter B today. :)