Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Am I 18 weeks now?

Good grief, I can't even remember. I do know, however, that I can have my ultrasound any time now. I just have to schedule it.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas. We did. We got to have Melanie here, and she left this morning, and I am quite sad about it. But it was fun, and probably really boring for her. Miaya didn't come with me to the airport this morning when I went to take Melanie, so when she woke up I let her know that Melanie had gone home, and she was really sad. She loves it when the aunties and uncles are all around. So do I. I miss it so much when they all leave. :( boo hoo.

Let's see. I am also the new Primary president in our ward. My first Sunday was two days ago. It's a bit overwhelming, but not. Just a lot to learn, I guess. I have a great presidency, and wonderful teachers, so it will be a good thing. I keep crying, but I think its more of an everything combined kind of crying, and not so much because of one thing or another. Poor Dustin is a bit at a loss sometimes, I think. Sometimes one just needs a really great sob session. :P

I'll do a better post soon. With pics and everything. :D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Nutcracker

Miaya's first performance of the Nutcracker is tonight! And last night at rehearsal's, we got Miaya's pics as a fishie. It's cute. The lady that took the pics was so awesome! Miaya hadn't had a nap that day, and so she was really tired. She didn't want to smile or anything, and so when they were all done, she had Miaya come back, and with my help, Miaya finally smiled. hahahaha. It was great.

The photo's were taken by JBP photography.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Shooting

Thanksgiving morning, we usually go shooting and invite people to go with us. It's a lot of fun. We take our .22's and a couple of shotguns, and have a good old time. The first year I went, we went with a bunch of Dustin's friends. I'm usually the only girl, but this year it was me, Miaya, AND Moose! Three ladies. :D We also went with Ray, Dustin's step-dad, Adam, Dustin's brother, and Kurtis, our nephew. Miaya shot her first gun. Before you freak out, Dustin was with her the WHOLE time, and it didn't really interest her. She only pulled the trigger when Dustin would tell her to. She was shooting the .22, and she got several lessons in gun safety before we got there, and before she shot the rifle.

Moose did really well too. She got a little skittish when we first started to shoot, so we had her hop in the back of the truck, and she just enjoyed the sun.
This was Miaya's preferred activity. She got the little shovel out that we keep around in case we have to dig out. She was digging holes and looking for treasure. It was great fun. She had a blast.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting our Christmas tree

We got our Christmas tree in the Uintas. We were the only ones up there. The only other tracks we saw were snow mobile tracks, and I'm pretty sure they were from the day before. It was a gorgeous sunny day, but it was oh so cold. :D Miaya only got out of the jeep for a little while. She ended up falling in the snow with no gloves on and started screaming "My hands are freezing!" Poor girl. We told her to shake the snow off, but she wouldn't. It was funny and sad all at the same time. She told me she wanted to get back in the jeep with Moose and Dustin and I could take care of the Christmas tree. hahahaahaha. AND the ONLY thing that could get her to stop crying was putting a band aid on each hand. Weird, huh? She is convinced of the healing properties of band aid's.

Halloween, and such

I noticed I didn't ever put any Halloween pics up, so here are a few. Miaya was a fairy. See her little wings? She wore them for like 2 seconds. She enjoyed knocking on all the doors and saying trick or treat. And hanging out with some of her cousins. It was a fun night.

One of my snapdragons. It stubbornly refuses to die. Dustin took this pic. I like it.
My little princess girl.

Watch me grow.

Ugh. So I am a bit loath to put these up, but I do want to share too. A note, though. My hair and skin are freaking out. And I'm a bit lumpy, aren't I? hahahahaha. I don't mind.

Okay top to bottom: Week 13, 12, 11, 10, 8, 7. Good grief. I missed this week too. I feel like I look 6 months pregnant already.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miaya's First Haircut

Miaya has had her first haircut. She didn't need it, but Dustin's Grandpa was able to even out a bunch of the long straggly bits. Dustin's mom asked me if I saved any, and I told her I didn't. There really wasn't anything long enough to save. hahahahaha. I think Miaya did really well. By the end of it, she asked if she could be done. :D I can still put her hair in pigtails.

Friday, November 20, 2009

In case you don't know...

I am officially past 12 weeks. Only by a few days, but still. We are expecting an addition to our family somewhere in the vicinity of June 3rd, 2010. Cool, huh? We are uber excited. :D We heard a heartbeat a few weeks ago, and I have to say it is such a comforting sound. We were worried because it was taking a while to find it. But find it she did. ::sigh:: Life is good. I've been taking pics each week watching my belly get fatter and fatter. It's fun. Maybe I will share them. And maybe not. We'll see.

So, I went and saw New Moon last night at midnight. I am an old lady. I was getting all sleepy during the previews. I am glad the movie started, or else I may have slept through it. It was so fun to go and see! I thought it was good. Much better than Twilight. The Volturi were creepy, Jacob was sweet, Edward was irrational, and everyone looked so lovely. The wolves were beautiful, the tone was sappier than I expected, but it was quite good.

I've been really lazy lately, hence the no blogging, etc. I suck at being motivated right now, but music helps. It'll be better.

I have a new calling on the horizon, too, and I am quite scared. My faith is lacking, and I need to get it back to where in needs to be, but I'm excited too. I hope I don't screw too many people up in the process.

Well, I am going to do some dishes. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a little horrified?

Okay, so Miaya has her dance pictures coming up next week. I got a packet of paper from her dance teacher on Tuesday telling me all the different rehearsal dates and times, and also what Miaya should be wearing. Before I got all these papers, my biggest concern was that Miaya's hair is very short, so I didn't know how that was going to work out for any hair do's. It turns out she needs to wear makeup, which I don't wear, so there's a bit of a conundrum. Not a huge one, but I'm doing research so I can do it. hahahaha. In my research I came across a blog that is for cute girls do's. In this particular video, I was a little bit horrified. It's probably because my mom never took a flat iron to my hair. Ever. I did that. hahahahaha. But I thought it was a bit much to style the girls hair just for school in this way. It's cute and all, and maybe this wasn't an everyday occurrence. I can't even tell you why this horrifies me, but it does, just a little. :O

It has helped me see where I don't want to go with Miaya. This particular blog has little to do with this conclusion. I want Miaya to be a little kid. I love her dance class, and I love her dance teacher. I love that Miaya so thoroughly enjoys dancing. However, she is 3. Thank goodness. I don't want to go overboard, and so I shall try not to.

And, I have to say, that blog really does have quite cute hair do's for little girls. :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The first star I see may not be a star

I don't think I have mentioned much about Miaya's dance class. She goes to dance class once a week for 45 minutes. She loves it so much. Her teacher, Miss Margene, is so excellent with kids. So in December, Miss Margene puts on a production of the Nutcracker. This past week Miaya got her costume for it. She is going to be a fishie. I am pretty excited. I will have to take some pics of her in her leotard. So fun. Miaya can do pointy toe, skip, hop, spin, twirl. hahahaha.

Monday, October 26, 2009


So today Miaya and I had kaffitima. I don't know what else to call it. I adore it! Melisa probably remembers it well. We had it EVERY day at Perla's house. Such a great thing. Have some kokomjolk (the best chocolate milk in the whole universe) or juice. And some vinabraud. Kleinurs. Okay, that sounds so good. Maybe some cookies.

We just had milo, peppermint tea and toast. But it was lovely. :D And so fun.

Friday, October 23, 2009

a fun room

I love this room! What a creative lady. Miriam's creativity with stuff is very similar. She is constantly buying things that look a bit drab and making them into something amazing! Well done. I want to do something amazing with Miaya's room. She is moving into our room in the next few months and Dustin and I will finally be in the master bedroom. hahahahaha. It only took 3 years. :O

Monday, October 19, 2009

Likes and dislikes

I haven't blogged in a couple weeks. What a slacker. The reason being because I haven't done anything. ANY. THING. I haven't been feeling very good. But, I decided to let you know what I have and have not been enjoying lately. :D


plain cheerios for breakfast. yum yum.

peanut butter sandwiches with apple juice.

ramen noodles.





the lavender chamomile soap I bought a few weeks ago. Disgusting.

cleaning. :( my house is so messy.

strong smells in general. :P

being cold.

lubriderm oatmeal lotion. so disgusting.

Oh, and poor Moose sometimes breathes on me and that really grosses me out. I send her away when she does this. Again, poor Moose. :(

Okay. That is all for now. I feel sick just thinking of the dislike list. How pathetic is that?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dear West Desert, I love you.

This is in the middle of the desert. It's at this wildlife refuge in the middle of nowhere. Fish Springs. Seriously, we drove 63 miles off road, one way. It was so excellent. Lots of desert, rocks, dirt, wild horses, antelope, lizards, birds of all sorts, and even a snake.

Hello antelope. Nice to see you.
I saw the biggest heard of antelope of my whole life on this trip. I didn't get pics though. Oh whale.
Moody, no? That is the beautiful desert for you.

This is my favorite pic of the trip. I love my little family. Especially when we are all in a tree together. hahahahaha.
So stunning and breath taking.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For my love

Happy Birthday. I will forever be greatful for the day you were born. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

A fun Sunday

This is after church. Miaya and I stayed home because Miaya is sick. Dustin is teaching her to twirl. He was being much more free before I got the camera out. But still lovely, nonetheless.

Then last night we had a nice fire in our backyard. The air was crispy, but not too cold.

We made lots of silly faces.

We started the fire inside a huge willow stump we have. We are trying to get rid of it. It's more than half gone now.

This picture makes me laugh lots. The flash caught her off guard, and this squint ensued. hahahahahahaha. So good.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

White on Rice

White on Rice

This looks cute to me! It was filmed here. Good times. It premiered here this past weekend, and it'll only be around for a few days. What a shame it's not longer.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another new favorite thing.

I don't spend nearly enough time on lds.org. It's so good though! AND my new favorite thing is their MormonMessages. Have you heard of it? Here is a link to one of my favorites. :D I love it. Check it out if you could use a lift today.

And here is one more. So good, so good.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How cool is this?

Look what I made. I love it.
Should you want to try it, check out Rollip. I found it on cjane. I love finding such fun things. Easy peasy too.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A conversation with Miaya

Miaya was chattering away to someone in the tent we made out of blankets and chairs.

Me: Miaya, who are you talking to?

Miaya: Jojo.

Me: Who's Jojo?

Miaya: He's right here.

Me: Where?

Miaya: Right here. (She was inside her blanket tent)

Me: Where? (As I crawl into the makeshift tent with her.)

Miaya: Right here.

She is pointing to a space right in front of her, where there is nothing. I assumed that she had made an imaginary friend. I was wrong. It turns out there on the floor where she is pointing, there is in fact a tiny little ant. This is Jojo. And yes, I have ants in my house. How gross. But such a fun moment for me. :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another first

Miaya's first dance class was today. My main motivation in doing this at such a young age is so when she is famous due to dancing she can say "I have been in dance classes since I was three!" Ha! Not really. I just figured she needed some interaction with random strangers in a safe environment. I think she and I have too much time together. She loves me, but she sure does get sick of me sometimes. Thank goodness for family, neighbors, friends, and now dance class. AND starting tomorrow: story time. What? Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking, but when I signed up for it, it seemed like a good idea. Apparently I was feeling ambitious. We shall see. I think this will be a good thing. :D I didn't even get a pic of Miaya, though! I brought the camera, but failed to put the memory card back in. So I took pics at home after the fact. I'm okay with it. Mostly.

So fun. I use this phrase a lot.

Oh, and remember to vote if you can. :) Today! I wish I could. ::sigh:: Maybe soon.

On Saturday a couple of weeks ago, (already?) we met Payson for the first time. She is Dustin's cousin's little baby and she is tiny! Four pounds! But she already has more hair than Miaya! hahahaha. She's beautiful.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Woot woot.

Okay, I am really really excited. If you haven't already noticed, I may even be obsessed. With THIS.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A little freaked out

So I am not sure why, but for some reason, my counter at the bottom of my page has jumped several thousand. What the heck? It was nine hundred something the last time I checked and now it's close to twelve thousand? Strange.

Miaya's Birthday Week

So this week turned out to be a celebration of Miaya's birthday. Almost every day we did something fun for Miaya. :)
On Monday, Mamma got here at about 12 o'clock. :) After Miaya had her nap, we headed to Utah county so Mamma could visit her friend. While she was visiting, we went to Discovery Park, in Pleasant Grove. It was so much fun. For some reason, though, I completely forgot that it was also Labor day. The park was jam packed with lots of kids, but we still had fun. Tons of it. :D

On Tuesday, we went over to Dustin's aunt's house and they had a little birthday party for her there. Rhea (Miaya's grandma), Sue (Dustin's aunt), Marlene (Miaya's great grandma), and I all worked on a cute magnet board thing. Again, great fun.

Wednesday was the actual birthday. We woke her up early to show her the present we got her. We got her SAND! hahahahaha. That's right. A sandpit. Not spectacular, I'm sure. We, however, were super excited about it, and Miaya loved it too! She insists on going out and playing in it every day! Yay for being outside. We also went to Rhea's house and made relish. It was a first for me and Rhea was gracious enough to show me how to do everything, and to let us use her house. Miaya loves going to grandma's house. And later that night, we roasted marshmallows. It was lovely.

It was such a fun week, too, because Mamma was here for a visit. I love having family come and visit. I felt bad, because my days are usually quite void of activity, but this week we were doing something everyday. It was tiring. I hope Mamma had fun, though. :) She's already on her way back to Calgary, if she isn't there already. So fun.

The pics up top are all out of order, but hopefully you can kind of see what we were doing in them. We also took Mamma to Jordan River Temple on Wednesday. It was one big photo op for Miaya. hahahaha.