Sunday, July 17, 2011


 We went camping a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun. Funnily enough, I thought it would be the kids that would be the reason we went home early. It was Dustin, though! I don't blame him. He didn't get any sleep at all. Sarah slept about 12 hours! And Miaya slept through most of the night. You can see our awesome tent in the background of the Sarah picture. I love it so much. It rained on and off the whole night, and we stayed completely dry. It was great. We also brought the portable DVD player along, just in case. hahahaha. Dustin and I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows after the kids went to bed. It was fun. :D
Dustin and his tree broom
Sarah and her cup

The camp area was really, ahem, messy, so Dustin used  a tree limb to sweep! hahahahaha. This makes me laugh lots.

Good times.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Been to Spanish Fork lately?

I am hardly ever in Spanish Fork. We went there are few Saturdays ago to go to the Icelandic heritage celebration thingy they have. I haven't been since I was a kid, so I was unsure as to what to expect. I didn't see anyone I knew, except one of Mamma's old missionaries. Tyler Shepard. Do you guys remember him? He asked me if I was Sister Toutai's daughter. hahahahaahaha! awesome. I said yes, and then he thought I was Miriam, because he mentioned Daniel. I said, no, but that's my sister. Anway, it was interesting. We missed out on ponnukokkur (ugh don't know how to spell it) and kleiners (Tyler Shepard said they americanized them!! WHAT?! so I wasn't too disappointed. ;) but we did have pylsurs. Yea! And they sang some songs, most of which I didn't recognize, except I did recognize gamli noa or whatever its called.
Oh yeah, and there were lots of Canadians there on a special tour or something. They had these handout thingies that are from a few years back, but one had pictures and stuff of the Hofsos thing we went to all those years ago. So I got them for Mamma. Interesting. And weird. hahahahahaha.

Oh, random and strange, it was like a blast from the past that day. After the festivities, we went into the library just to check it out, and my old high school english teacher was there from my senior year of high school. So I told her hello and you probably don't remember me, and she said she did. Remember me, that is. I think she was lying. HAHAHAHAHA. maybe not. It was Mrs. Nehrer. Melisa, I think you had someone else, right? Anyway, then a girl I worked with at Quickutz was working in the library. So weird weird weird.

There's still snow?!

A few weeks ago we went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake and had a picnic. It was so lovely. It was so hot in the valley, but up there, as you can see by our sweatshirts, it was a bit brisk. 

Miaya loves to pose. oh my. 

Here duckie, duckie. She was saying that, and others things to try to get the duck to come to her. It eventually wandered off. 

I don't know if you've been up here, but there are boardwalks all over, and they are all covered in snow. Well, they were when we went up.

Dustin is king of the big snow pile.

And Sarah is princess of her own little snow pile. Dustin believes that all Jeeps, strollers included, show wheel at every opportunity. 

Dustin titled this picture: Waiting For Summer. Indeed.

And a beautiful sunset to top it all off. 

Don't you just love fishing?

I love fishing. The first time I went fishing was when I was 18 or so. hahahahha. It was great fun, and very soothing. As a family activity with two little ones, it's not so soothing anymore. It can be downright stressful. But still oh so fun.
Sarah and I go for lots of walks when we go fishing.

 Dustin and Miaya have lots of heart to hearts about fishing, and life, and philosophy. :) 
I really do love to go fishing. Even if it's only for an hour at a time.

Pajama time

 Don't you just love that time just after baths and right before bed? The kids are clean and cuddly, and ready for bed. Then bedtime stories and prayers. ::sigh:: I absolutely love it.
 Miaya is cuddling/restraining Sarah. hahahaha.
 So sweet.
Except tonight we are not doing quiet activities before bed. We're doing dance time to K pop. Awesome. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

a cute Etsy shop

My friend has this lovely Etsy shop. She makes these beautiful things. You should check it out here.

And here are some fascinating new websites that I need to remember, and this is the fastest way for me to do it. :)

And, again. that is all.

I love when Miaya brings me flowers

I have these oh so lovely red lilies that Dustin and Miaya got for me a few years ago for Mother's Day. This year, they are so stunning and lovely, and I love them! Miaya loves them too. So much, that she likes to go and pick them. 
The other day she came running in the house and told me she had picked me some flowers. She had pulled the whole plant out of the ground! hahahahahahaha. It was so hilarious. Too hilarious to get angry about. hahahahhaahha. So fun! She makes me chuckle.

I went shopping

So for the last week, Dustin has had vacation, and it's been really fun. We went shopping today and I always love to feel like I got a good deal. I am always nervous about coupons, but Miriam is brilliant with them, and taught me a little bit about how to do it. 
 I got all this stuff for $16.56. I won't have to buy cereal for a long time. Like 6 months, I think. When we were done, Dustin said "I thought it would be less." OH well. I thought it was great. The Kellogg's cereals were 3 for 5 dollars, and then I had two coupons that were 5 dollars off 5 boxes of cereal. Awesome.
That is all.