Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dustin's addiction

Dustin grew a giant pumpkin this year, and he did fairly well. It got up to 373 pounds. Not too shabby. It takes lots of work. But it's lots of fun too. We were buying fertilizer every other week to feed the thing. I was cleaning out the shed a bit today and found Dustin's dirty little secret. Hahahahaha. The empty fertilizer boxes. And I'm pretty sure there were more that we had all ready tossed out. I love my Dustin guy. He's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

When I got up this morning, there was no snow

And now look! My Miaya girl adores the snow. My Sarah pop prefers the indoors.

And also, this is a total mamarazzi stalker shot, I know. That's how I roll.

I love snow

I love, love, lover, the snow! Yesterday it was 69 degrees F and so sunny and so windy! It was lovely. And today it is 33 degrees F and snowing and snowing and snowing! I love living in a place that has such weather. You never know what you might get.

So with it being a snowy day, Miaya picked grilled cheese and hot cocoa for lunch. Delicious. She also asked if we could play games this afternoon, so I am teaching them how to play Racko. I love this game. It's fun.

You know what else I love about snowy days? Shoveling the snow! And no, I am not joking. I love to get all bundled up and go outside in the silence you only get when it snows. Exerting my body in ways that only come with shoveling. Then you get to see instantly what you've done. It's awesome. Hope you're enjoying your day whether it is snowing or not.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh Sarah

I hadn't seen a Baby Einstein movie before I had kids. My kids have both adored the Baby Mozart one (we own it). Sarah likes to watch them so I get different ones from the library. Today I put the Baby Beethoven one on. She went and grabbed the Baby Mozart one and says she doesn't want to watch the Beethoven one. She wanted the Mozart one. Oh boy. She makes me laugh every day.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Life is strange.

Life really is. Strange and lovely and amazing and hard and thought provoking and so unexpected.

My life plan right before I met my love, my Dustin, went something like this: go to school, get a degree of some sort,  date a lovely young man and then marry said young man once we fell madly in love right around the age of 25 and then have lots of babies (at least four) all before the age of 30 and work the whole time too. Oh and buy a house in the mix too.

What I didn't expect: meeting Dustin at 19 and loving him so completely then marrying him less than a year later. Dropping out of school half way through the program because I realized it wasn't what I wanted or needed in life. The sadness of wondering if we could have children and then realizing, or maybe more accurately, remembering that Heavenly Father knows me and loves me and will send our babies when they are supposed to come. Being a stay at home mom. I never expected that one. :) I didn't think it was a possibility in this day and age. And I didn't realize how strong I can be. How tough things can get even when you are with the person who is so completely for you and you for them. How much love can grow when you take good care of it and how it withers when neglected. How we can stretch and grow in ways we never wanted to stretch and grow. How two little girls can drive you so insane and yet make everything better with a hug; a kiss ; an I love you.

So I say again: life is strange. But it is so good.