Thursday, April 15, 2010

More of the chicken coop.

The neighbor kids always end up in our yard, just like Miaya ends up in their yards. Here they are pretending to be chickens in the chicken coop. It's coming along quite nicely. Actually, Dustin finished it last night, and I'll post the finished pics when I upload them. :)

Good times.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miaya's First Bike

Last fall around Miaya's birthday, we thought we should get her a bike. But it was right before snow, and she seemed too little, so we waited. Now she seems to be too big. We went to the DI where all kids bikes are 5 dollars, and found one we actually liked. We bought training wheels, slime, and the helmet and knee pads (they came together and are cute.) and she was ready to go. She loves it and wants to ride it everyday. 

The chicken coop

Last week, Ray came over and got quite a bit of the chicken coop done. Miaya helped him out. hahahahhaa. She asked loads of questions, and handed him the screws. :D It's coming along nicely. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Easter Weekend.

This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning! It was a wild night. The wind blew and the snow fell. It was still so lovely, though. I hid eggs and Dustin and Miaya went and found them all. It was so much fun.

Conference was so good! Saturday was spent listening to conference, and so was Sunday. So uplifting, so good. I am grateful for conference.

On Sunday we also went to go and see the elk, bison, and little horses between sessions.
These little horses were so cute! Big horses intimidate me lots, but these were such friendly little guys. Miaya has no problem with any animal she has met yet. Dustin's uncle has horses, and they scare me a bit. They are more aggressive than I like. hahahaha. Miaya is not intimidated. She is one fearless young lady.

She adores the chickens too. She always wants to hold them. I can't reach them anymore, because my belly is really big, and prevents me from reaching into the bottom of their little pen. haahhahahahahaha. They are not chicks anymore. They are chickens. They really are fun to have, though. Dustin is out numbered by the ladies in our house. We have one male in the house: Dustin. We have many females:  Me, Miaya, Moose, and the 5 chickens. hahahahaha. I hope we have a boy, just to even the numbers up a tiny bit. hahahhaah. Kidding. I don't mind having another girl, or a little boy. It will be awesome, no matter what.

P.S. Look how huge my belly is in the horse pic! And I still have two months!! hahahaha. I feel alright, for the most part, though. :D

Working on the room

These pictures are from several weeks ago. Before we got the chickens, and we've had them for at least a month. Miaya loves to help Dusitn. She is his little helper. :D So fun. We are getting the chickens outside this week, I think. Then we can finish it up and move it. Woo hoo!