Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Working on the room

These pictures are from several weeks ago. Before we got the chickens, and we've had them for at least a month. Miaya loves to help Dusitn. She is his little helper. :D So fun. We are getting the chickens outside this week, I think. Then we can finish it up and move it. Woo hoo!


MiriamR said...

yay! I love that Miaya helps. I was watching Charlie Rose yesterday (he is on PBS and Public Radio) anyway he had Martha Stewart on and she was telling him about all her chickens and the eggs and she loves them and he said its always been a dream of his to raise chickens!

MoBo said...

hehehe your chickens are inside hehehe They make potent manure I think hahahahah

New Room FIghtING!