Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miaya's First Haircut

Miaya has had her first haircut. She didn't need it, but Dustin's Grandpa was able to even out a bunch of the long straggly bits. Dustin's mom asked me if I saved any, and I told her I didn't. There really wasn't anything long enough to save. hahahahaha. I think Miaya did really well. By the end of it, she asked if she could be done. :D I can still put her hair in pigtails.

Friday, November 20, 2009

In case you don't know...

I am officially past 12 weeks. Only by a few days, but still. We are expecting an addition to our family somewhere in the vicinity of June 3rd, 2010. Cool, huh? We are uber excited. :D We heard a heartbeat a few weeks ago, and I have to say it is such a comforting sound. We were worried because it was taking a while to find it. But find it she did. ::sigh:: Life is good. I've been taking pics each week watching my belly get fatter and fatter. It's fun. Maybe I will share them. And maybe not. We'll see.

So, I went and saw New Moon last night at midnight. I am an old lady. I was getting all sleepy during the previews. I am glad the movie started, or else I may have slept through it. It was so fun to go and see! I thought it was good. Much better than Twilight. The Volturi were creepy, Jacob was sweet, Edward was irrational, and everyone looked so lovely. The wolves were beautiful, the tone was sappier than I expected, but it was quite good.

I've been really lazy lately, hence the no blogging, etc. I suck at being motivated right now, but music helps. It'll be better.

I have a new calling on the horizon, too, and I am quite scared. My faith is lacking, and I need to get it back to where in needs to be, but I'm excited too. I hope I don't screw too many people up in the process.

Well, I am going to do some dishes. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a little horrified?

Okay, so Miaya has her dance pictures coming up next week. I got a packet of paper from her dance teacher on Tuesday telling me all the different rehearsal dates and times, and also what Miaya should be wearing. Before I got all these papers, my biggest concern was that Miaya's hair is very short, so I didn't know how that was going to work out for any hair do's. It turns out she needs to wear makeup, which I don't wear, so there's a bit of a conundrum. Not a huge one, but I'm doing research so I can do it. hahahaha. In my research I came across a blog that is for cute girls do's. In this particular video, I was a little bit horrified. It's probably because my mom never took a flat iron to my hair. Ever. I did that. hahahahaha. But I thought it was a bit much to style the girls hair just for school in this way. It's cute and all, and maybe this wasn't an everyday occurrence. I can't even tell you why this horrifies me, but it does, just a little. :O

It has helped me see where I don't want to go with Miaya. This particular blog has little to do with this conclusion. I want Miaya to be a little kid. I love her dance class, and I love her dance teacher. I love that Miaya so thoroughly enjoys dancing. However, she is 3. Thank goodness. I don't want to go overboard, and so I shall try not to.

And, I have to say, that blog really does have quite cute hair do's for little girls. :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The first star I see may not be a star

I don't think I have mentioned much about Miaya's dance class. She goes to dance class once a week for 45 minutes. She loves it so much. Her teacher, Miss Margene, is so excellent with kids. So in December, Miss Margene puts on a production of the Nutcracker. This past week Miaya got her costume for it. She is going to be a fishie. I am pretty excited. I will have to take some pics of her in her leotard. So fun. Miaya can do pointy toe, skip, hop, spin, twirl. hahahaha.