Friday, November 20, 2009

In case you don't know...

I am officially past 12 weeks. Only by a few days, but still. We are expecting an addition to our family somewhere in the vicinity of June 3rd, 2010. Cool, huh? We are uber excited. :D We heard a heartbeat a few weeks ago, and I have to say it is such a comforting sound. We were worried because it was taking a while to find it. But find it she did. ::sigh:: Life is good. I've been taking pics each week watching my belly get fatter and fatter. It's fun. Maybe I will share them. And maybe not. We'll see.

So, I went and saw New Moon last night at midnight. I am an old lady. I was getting all sleepy during the previews. I am glad the movie started, or else I may have slept through it. It was so fun to go and see! I thought it was good. Much better than Twilight. The Volturi were creepy, Jacob was sweet, Edward was irrational, and everyone looked so lovely. The wolves were beautiful, the tone was sappier than I expected, but it was quite good.

I've been really lazy lately, hence the no blogging, etc. I suck at being motivated right now, but music helps. It'll be better.

I have a new calling on the horizon, too, and I am quite scared. My faith is lacking, and I need to get it back to where in needs to be, but I'm excited too. I hope I don't screw too many people up in the process.

Well, I am going to do some dishes. Wish me luck.


Matt and Suzanne said...

Mele'Ofa! CONGRATS!!!! Super duper exciting news. I am happy for you. Yes, you need to post pictures! That's the fun of it.:) I was the same through movies, I remember falling asleep at like 7:30 once. Crazy. Sounds like you're handling it well!

MoBo said...

WAAAAAHHHH!!!!! THAT IS SO GREAT!!!! I am so excited too hahahaha I love your review of new moon, I'll give you one tomorrow oooooo I am so excited

FiGHtInG!!! *clentched Fists!*

MiriamR said...

wohoo! Glad to hear you are doing well :) My friend Line went to the midnight showing and she said she almost feel asleep before the previews even started :) I am seeing New moon next week, well hopefully. I would have gone by myself like now but daniel wants to see it so we need to wait til someone can watch the kiddies wohoo! That kind of sucks that it is sappier although she was a big giant depressed sap the whole book so maybe it fits

Hera said...

Good to hear you are well elskan mín. Bara slappa af.