Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a little horrified?

Okay, so Miaya has her dance pictures coming up next week. I got a packet of paper from her dance teacher on Tuesday telling me all the different rehearsal dates and times, and also what Miaya should be wearing. Before I got all these papers, my biggest concern was that Miaya's hair is very short, so I didn't know how that was going to work out for any hair do's. It turns out she needs to wear makeup, which I don't wear, so there's a bit of a conundrum. Not a huge one, but I'm doing research so I can do it. hahahaha. In my research I came across a blog that is for cute girls do's. In this particular video, I was a little bit horrified. It's probably because my mom never took a flat iron to my hair. Ever. I did that. hahahahaha. But I thought it was a bit much to style the girls hair just for school in this way. It's cute and all, and maybe this wasn't an everyday occurrence. I can't even tell you why this horrifies me, but it does, just a little. :O

It has helped me see where I don't want to go with Miaya. This particular blog has little to do with this conclusion. I want Miaya to be a little kid. I love her dance class, and I love her dance teacher. I love that Miaya so thoroughly enjoys dancing. However, she is 3. Thank goodness. I don't want to go overboard, and so I shall try not to.

And, I have to say, that blog really does have quite cute hair do's for little girls. :D


Wiley Family said...

I checked out that hair blog and it had some cute hairstyles. I was also able to find some other blogs showing hair styles that would work great in victorias hair. Im exciting to try it tomorrow. You will do great with miaya's hair and make up. Im not sure how to do little girl makeup. hmmmmmm. I've put glitter on victoria on halloween hahahaha. Girl hair is hard to do. thats for sure.

MoBo said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! of course I was horrified, I am ALWAYS HorriFIED! hahahah But Really, What a Spastic Mother, She said She doesnt like the Daughters HAir, HOW OLD IS SHE??? NINE??? WHAT KIND OF THING IS THAT TO SAY TO A CHILD?? I dont have anything against going that extra mile for pictures or REALLY special occasions if thats how you like to roll, But I have to Say I put my Foot Down, Both feet in Fact, when you tell a child you dont like their hair(you can do this by actions rather than words and here are some examples:), and so give it a little straighten every morning, or a little curl, What you are telling your child is that their natural Beauty isnt good enough, That in order to look Pretty, or decent they have to Alter themselves; WHAT THE HECK KIND OF THING IS THAT TO TELL A CHILD?? Bloody Norah it boils my blood; I think TV and Magazines do that enough.

...uhm, I mean.. Go Mele'Ofa! make sure you take pictures hoohoohoo

Hera said...

Ask the teacher what kind of make up. Is it just lip stuff and blush.
Your dad calls the little girls beauty pageants child abuse. I kind of agree. You know the obsessive pageants parents take their girls to.

Wiley Family said...

I tell victoria I love her hair. I do love her hair but also I dont want her to get a complex from something I told her. Yeah melanie I thought that was weird but I did find some cute hair styles through that link and it made me feel like doing victoria's hair toda. It took FOREVER but it looked pretty good. I hope it lasts until sunday.

Matt and Suzanne said...

Ha ha! That's funny. Grace doesn't have much hair yet, but I better practice for when she does. Who knew we would need all of these skills?! :)