Monday, July 11, 2011

Been to Spanish Fork lately?

I am hardly ever in Spanish Fork. We went there are few Saturdays ago to go to the Icelandic heritage celebration thingy they have. I haven't been since I was a kid, so I was unsure as to what to expect. I didn't see anyone I knew, except one of Mamma's old missionaries. Tyler Shepard. Do you guys remember him? He asked me if I was Sister Toutai's daughter. hahahahaahaha! awesome. I said yes, and then he thought I was Miriam, because he mentioned Daniel. I said, no, but that's my sister. Anway, it was interesting. We missed out on ponnukokkur (ugh don't know how to spell it) and kleiners (Tyler Shepard said they americanized them!! WHAT?! so I wasn't too disappointed. ;) but we did have pylsurs. Yea! And they sang some songs, most of which I didn't recognize, except I did recognize gamli noa or whatever its called.
Oh yeah, and there were lots of Canadians there on a special tour or something. They had these handout thingies that are from a few years back, but one had pictures and stuff of the Hofsos thing we went to all those years ago. So I got them for Mamma. Interesting. And weird. hahahahahaha.

Oh, random and strange, it was like a blast from the past that day. After the festivities, we went into the library just to check it out, and my old high school english teacher was there from my senior year of high school. So I told her hello and you probably don't remember me, and she said she did. Remember me, that is. I think she was lying. HAHAHAHAHA. maybe not. It was Mrs. Nehrer. Melisa, I think you had someone else, right? Anyway, then a girl I worked with at Quickutz was working in the library. So weird weird weird.


Maliana said...

they probably just did doughnut dough in point shapes :p

im still jealous though, we went to iceland in february and didnt eat one single pylsa arg!

Shari and Trent said...

Mrs. Nehrer probably was lying lol! I had her too. She would lose her head if it was not hooked on! She was a crazy lady!

MoBo said...

hahahah I wouldnt be dissapointed.. it probably was just doughnuts... hahahahah jokes! they like to be a little traditional.............

hehe Yeah, that is TOTALLY WEIRD OUTING! and thats why I dont really like to go places I have been before, I like to avoid the "Is that that one person that won't remember me???" it makes me feel icky... kekek

pönnukökur!!! I'm not spelling it right either, but I figure I can give you the letters! ahaha

Wonderful picture! so cute!

MiriamR said...

cool. Did you drive past the old house? We haven't been to an iceland days thing ever, they are just a little strange, actually we went to one and saw The andersons so that was cool.