Monday, July 11, 2011

Pajama time

 Don't you just love that time just after baths and right before bed? The kids are clean and cuddly, and ready for bed. Then bedtime stories and prayers. ::sigh:: I absolutely love it.
 Miaya is cuddling/restraining Sarah. hahahaha.
 So sweet.
Except tonight we are not doing quiet activities before bed. We're doing dance time to K pop. Awesome. :)


Maliana said...

that is exactly awesome!

MoBo said...

YAA!!!! awesome awesome awesome!! thats gonna be my everytime!! hahaah

MiriamR said...

I love that time too :)

Hera said...

Allar fallegu stelpurnar mínar. Dætur eru mjög sérstakar. Takk fyrir þær allar.