Sunday, July 17, 2011


 We went camping a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun. Funnily enough, I thought it would be the kids that would be the reason we went home early. It was Dustin, though! I don't blame him. He didn't get any sleep at all. Sarah slept about 12 hours! And Miaya slept through most of the night. You can see our awesome tent in the background of the Sarah picture. I love it so much. It rained on and off the whole night, and we stayed completely dry. It was great. We also brought the portable DVD player along, just in case. hahahaha. Dustin and I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows after the kids went to bed. It was fun. :D
Dustin and his tree broom
Sarah and her cup

The camp area was really, ahem, messy, so Dustin used  a tree limb to sweep! hahahahaha. This makes me laugh lots.

Good times.


Maliana said...

thats aweswome, dustin is oh so handy hahaha

MiriamR said...

That is hilarious. I love the tree broom! Our tent sucks. It rained when we camped and we were all soaking and we left in the middle of the night! haha