Friday, July 8, 2011

I went shopping

So for the last week, Dustin has had vacation, and it's been really fun. We went shopping today and I always love to feel like I got a good deal. I am always nervous about coupons, but Miriam is brilliant with them, and taught me a little bit about how to do it. 
 I got all this stuff for $16.56. I won't have to buy cereal for a long time. Like 6 months, I think. When we were done, Dustin said "I thought it would be less." OH well. I thought it was great. The Kellogg's cereals were 3 for 5 dollars, and then I had two coupons that were 5 dollars off 5 boxes of cereal. Awesome.
That is all.


MiriamR said...

that made Daniel laugh, Dustin's comment that is. Daniel always said that to me. I guess if its not under a dollar its not good. Thats really good though! Oh and there is an electronic coupon for $1 off any country time and the country times are in that deal for .99!! so free GOod job!!

Maybe dustin will be impressed with that :)

MoBo said...

WOOP WOOP! mér fannst þetta bara awesome! Ég elska couponing!

Hera said...

Excellent work my daughters.