Friday, June 24, 2011

Many strange and wonderful creatures

Sounds interesting, no? Well it is! I am going to share the plethora of creatures found crossing the paths of the various game cameras Dustin and his friends have.
A big buck. This ones actually from last year. Disregard the date. ;)

Can you see this one? A coyote.


Scruffy doe

A red fox.

Another doe

Snow. Not a creature per se, but fun all the same. Notice the date? This one is correct.

Humans, the wildest creatures of all. And I am pretty sure there is no hunting season going on at the time this picture was taken. hmmm...

Elk! Such big creatures.

Talk about big! Cougar.

Cow. Or bull. I think it's a bull. scary.

Fun, right? I love when Dustin brings home his memory cards. I get to see what's on there. Something new each time. My favorite is the picture of the coyote because if you just glance at it, you won't see it, it's camouflaged so well. I like the big kitty too. Cougars are creepy. One time Dustin and I drove up American Fork Canyon when it was closed for the winter, and parked at the gates they had across the road. We hopped out of the Jeep, and right on the ground, crossing the road were huge cougar prints in the snow. It was wild. Another time, we were driving back down Ophir Canyon in the Jeep with the doors and top off, and we heard a cougar growl. It was eerie as all get out.

The end.


Maliana said...

those pictures are so cool and interesting, i keep forgetting you guys basically live in the jungle. and so many kinds of wild things, the people were my favorite, definitely the most dangerous. :) awesome post!

MiriamR said...

those are cool, daniel liked those too! the cougar was cool and those humans are LAME

MoBo said...

That is so cool, must be super fun to see the wildlifes that come across the camera! do you watch in fast forward? I imagine it would take a long time otherwise... :D