Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring Concert

Miaya's spring concert was last week, and it was a lot of stress, but a lot of fun. This year we were able to go to both concerts, because I wasn't having a baby for the second one. :)
Miaya basically danced for us and only us in this video. But it's so fun for me to watch. I giggled the whole time. Miaya is our little ham. hahahahaha.
 This is Miaya and her class getting ready to dance. She's all the way on the left. The caboose. :)
 Miaya's in the front with the blue gloves. Blurry, I know.
 Miaya is in the green on the right. She's kind of hidden.
Towards the right with blue gloves, and you can see her green sleeves a bit too. ;)
She has so much fun doing all her dancing.


MiriamR said...

I LOVE that she is in dance! So cute!! Did she run into person in front of her in the beginning? :) it looks like she was so excited!

Maliana said...

thats so flippin cute! was there an actual routine or did everyone just do what they felt? hahah so awesome! she is incredible!

meleofa said...

hahahahah! They had an actual routine. It was simple, but there was one. :) And also in the beginning, no she didn't run into anyone. As they're moving foward to wait for their turn, she is supposed to be making a "shape" This means that she's supposed to stand in a pose of her choosing. So she moves forward, makes a shape, then moves foward and makes a shape. Make sense? hahahahaha.

MoBo said...

THIS IS GREAT! I have to come next Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will she still dance next year? I CANT MISS IT!!! hahaha so cute! and awesome!

Hera said...

It is great how much she enjoys herself. I think that is the most important thing.