Monday, June 13, 2011


Miaya is such an interesting creature. :) She is so outgoing and confident in so many situations. Getting up in front of crowds is not one of those situations. She does just fine when it comes to dancing in front of audiences, but not talking or anything like that. 
  So in May, Miaya graduated from her first year of preschool. 
 It took a lot to get her to go up and get the certificate. They did a whole program of singing and such before this, and she would not go up. I know how it is to be so painfully shy that you want to crawl under the chairs rather than get up in front of people, so I figured when she was ready, she'd go up. I didn't want to push her. Other family members that were there were pushing her, and it frustrated me so much. I let them know that I wasn't going to make her go up if she didn't want to, and I didn't.  It turned out just fine. She sat and watched her class sing and then when they called her name to get her certificate, she told Dustin she wanted to go up, and she did.
 I know these pictures are blurry, but I think you can kind of see how she's a bit uncomfortable. But she did awesome. And her teachers are so great too! Miss Margene, Miss Tiffany, and Miss Lydia are awesome. Miss Margene was so surprised when she saw Miaya not want to go up. Miaya is so outgoing in class, that it was a bit of a shock.
We're so proud of our Miaya girl. :)


MiriamR said...

That is great that she went up. She is so brave! Congratulations Miaya

MoBo said...

Thats Great! I remember when I Was little I never wanted to go up and dad would always be like GOOOOO and I would be like SHiroh! hahaha so awesome that she actually went up herself! one question, how many years are there of preschool?

Hera said...

Congratulations. She is growing up so fast.