Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hunting with Daddy

Before Dustin and I had children, and before we were even married, I knew that Dustin enjoyed hunting. Before Dustin I was VERY uncomfortable with guns in general, had never been wheeling, let alone hunting. After Dustin, I have done lots of new things that I NEVER would have done if it wasn't for him. I love wheeling. I know how to handle our guns, and I know about hunting. Having said that, I don't hunt myself. I don't like the idea of killing things. Only bugs. I don't mind killing bugs. Anyway, we knew before having kids that we wanted to expose our children to lots of things. Hunting was one of them. 
 Dustin has been preparing for the hunt this coming August for a little while now. He has set up game cams, and goes to check them every couple of weeks to see what's been in the area. This last time there were rabbits, a couple of doe, and even a coyote! Neat-o, huh?
 Dustin went out with Miaya and Moose, as well as his friend Keith and his family. Sarah and I would have gone too, but we no longer have a four wheel drive vehicle we can all fit in, boo hoo. So we stayed home.
 Looks like they had a blast, though, don't you think? I lobe them.
 So they drive on paved roads until they get to the general area where the game cams are, then they go off road for a hairy scary bit, and then they hike for another little while, and then they get to the game cams.
 Miaya is our little hiker. She loves to hike. It's awesome.
Such a beautiful area. And this year has been so rainy, that it's all green. Lovely. Sarah and I will be going along too as soon as we get another Jeep. :D


Maliana said...

dear meleofa!

your babies are so cute! and your moose is cute! and your dustin is ok.... jokes! he's cute too hahahah!

MiriamR said...

that is pretty awesome be took her hunting! Daniel went to the sons and whatever camp the other day and I loved that he took alexander and stuff. I wish he took them all haha