Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh what fun we'll have

Best thing in the world: a large cardboard box. Even better? Two large cardboard boxes. You know, Dustin always claims he has no imagination. And yet, I am constantly seeing a huge imagination in all the fun things he does and thinks of. 

He was at work, and they were installing ready made desks. (Dustin installs office furniture for the Steelcase dealer here.) They came in these boxes that were like six feet long. He thought it might be fun for the kids and so he brought them home. 

He cut windows and doors out of them, and tada! We had a couple of little houses.
Even Moose loved them. hahahaha.

 We even got to paint them. It was so much fun.


MoBo said...

hahahaha thats Awesome!!!

I remember box houses, they are awesome

MiriamR said...

that is so fun! Terrific!!

Maliana said...

yeah they were the best! and painting them is an awesome idea

Hera said...

Excellent. The children can do lots with them and if they get broken no damage done hehe.