Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easters, finally.

A while ago I said I would post Easter pictures. Here they are!
Miaya loves the Easter egg hunt! See her happy face. So much fun. :) Did you know that I am a master egg hider? I am.
 Okay, so I might not be a master, but I LOVE to do it. Love it! A few years ago the kids (my little sibs, Henry and Lete, who aren't all that little) were here for easter, and so I hid candy bars all over the yard for them to find. I was so excited. They were not. But they did go and find them! It was awesome.
 Do you like the Christmas basket that doubled as an Easter basket? hahahahaha. Anytime easter comes around, all the easter baskets we have floating around in the kids toys disappear! It's quite astonishing.
 See what I mean by awesome egg hider? 
Even Sarah had fun. She found this egg that was sitting on top of this chimney thing on the barbecue.


MiriamR said...

thats cute! I always have Daniel hide them haha

MoBo said...

hahahah thats Awesome, Great Pictures! Miaya's hair is getting so long!