Thursday, June 2, 2011


When I was about Miaya's age, I LOVED snails. I remember living in Manly, which is in Sydney, Australia. We lived in an apartment building that had a gardenish area that had tons of them. I loved to pick them up and let them crawl (ew) all over my hand. And then, one fateful day, one was squished. I have been disgusted by them ever since.
Sorry about the wind noise. There is a jet engine just off to the side that was making all the racket. Just kidding, but it sounded good, right?

I was weeding our vegetable garden yesterday and came across a few of them. I almost threw up. It was pretty gross. Miaya, however, was fascinated. And so she picked them up and wanted to show her friend next door. 
 Her friend wasn't home, and so we put it in a nice little jar. I think the snail hated the jar. But it looked pretty.
And Sarah just enjoyed being outside. Oh wait, this pic isn't the same day. But she sure looks happy and cute.


MoBo said...

woah woah woah, these kids need to calm down with this growing up business

hahahaha Great Stuff!!

Hera said...