Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Shooting

Thanksgiving morning, we usually go shooting and invite people to go with us. It's a lot of fun. We take our .22's and a couple of shotguns, and have a good old time. The first year I went, we went with a bunch of Dustin's friends. I'm usually the only girl, but this year it was me, Miaya, AND Moose! Three ladies. :D We also went with Ray, Dustin's step-dad, Adam, Dustin's brother, and Kurtis, our nephew. Miaya shot her first gun. Before you freak out, Dustin was with her the WHOLE time, and it didn't really interest her. She only pulled the trigger when Dustin would tell her to. She was shooting the .22, and she got several lessons in gun safety before we got there, and before she shot the rifle.

Moose did really well too. She got a little skittish when we first started to shoot, so we had her hop in the back of the truck, and she just enjoyed the sun.
This was Miaya's preferred activity. She got the little shovel out that we keep around in case we have to dig out. She was digging holes and looking for treasure. It was great fun. She had a blast.


Wiley Family said...

So fun!! Moose looks so pretty.

MoBo said...

thats So Awesome! what do you shoot? and what about the environment?!??! hahha i kid, What I was going to ask was, What about the... i cant recall what its called.. backfire... pullback... uhm... Recoil? you know how the gun goes boom and an untrained person flies away if its a powerful gun? ugh, thats annoying that I cant remember. Anywho how did Miaya handle that? Doesnt it BRUISE??? its gonna annoy me forever plus a day