Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting our Christmas tree

We got our Christmas tree in the Uintas. We were the only ones up there. The only other tracks we saw were snow mobile tracks, and I'm pretty sure they were from the day before. It was a gorgeous sunny day, but it was oh so cold. :D Miaya only got out of the jeep for a little while. She ended up falling in the snow with no gloves on and started screaming "My hands are freezing!" Poor girl. We told her to shake the snow off, but she wouldn't. It was funny and sad all at the same time. She told me she wanted to get back in the jeep with Moose and Dustin and I could take care of the Christmas tree. hahahaahaha. AND the ONLY thing that could get her to stop crying was putting a band aid on each hand. Weird, huh? She is convinced of the healing properties of band aid's.


Matt and Suzanne said...

How fun! Real trees are the BEST! That story is hilarious, I think I recall feeling the same way about them when I was young. ;)

MiriamR said...

you guys always get the best trees ha ha Miaya is funny. Bubba is convinced kisses make things better and Eva believes him too. They both give them selves kisses now and tell themselves thank you. Its hilarious.

Hera said...

The lot of them are so funny.
My lovely grand children.

MoBo said...

HAHAHA all those stories are hilarious! Dont all Children Believe in the Healing power of Band Aids??? I dont remember much about the healing powers, but I would try to make myself bleed so that I could get a bandaid, I DIDNT RUN WITH Scissors or do anything emo or suicidal, I just played Extra Rough, and bare footed, I also loved scars... what a witless kid hahahah

I totlly get why it was sad and funny, it makes me laugh much hahaha :D