Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Am I 18 weeks now?

Good grief, I can't even remember. I do know, however, that I can have my ultrasound any time now. I just have to schedule it.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas. We did. We got to have Melanie here, and she left this morning, and I am quite sad about it. But it was fun, and probably really boring for her. Miaya didn't come with me to the airport this morning when I went to take Melanie, so when she woke up I let her know that Melanie had gone home, and she was really sad. She loves it when the aunties and uncles are all around. So do I. I miss it so much when they all leave. :( boo hoo.

Let's see. I am also the new Primary president in our ward. My first Sunday was two days ago. It's a bit overwhelming, but not. Just a lot to learn, I guess. I have a great presidency, and wonderful teachers, so it will be a good thing. I keep crying, but I think its more of an everything combined kind of crying, and not so much because of one thing or another. Poor Dustin is a bit at a loss sometimes, I think. Sometimes one just needs a really great sob session. :P

I'll do a better post soon. With pics and everything. :D


Wiley Family said...

Cries are cleansing for the soul. Good to hear things are going well. Are you going to find out if you are having a boy or girl? I may have asked you before but I forgot hahahaha. love you.

meleofa said...

hahaha. We are not finding out. It was pretty awesome the first time around, and I am a fan. Everyone we tell that to has told us we are crazy. I liked that Dustin got to tell me we had a daughter. It was pretty fun. He actually had to be reminded to tell me by one of the nurses. ho ho ho. We have the ultrasound on Thursday! Yippee.

And I think I realized why I was crying so much. I was really sad Melanie was going! It was so fun to have her, and I have been really missing all my sisters, and bro, of course. :D It's been so good to be able to see both Miriam and Melanie. I can't wait to see everyone else this year! A big year for the Toutai's this year.

Hera said...

Why are we crazy to wait until the baby is born to know which one it is? It has worked out for thousands of years so far.