Saturday, September 12, 2009

Miaya's Birthday Week

So this week turned out to be a celebration of Miaya's birthday. Almost every day we did something fun for Miaya. :)
On Monday, Mamma got here at about 12 o'clock. :) After Miaya had her nap, we headed to Utah county so Mamma could visit her friend. While she was visiting, we went to Discovery Park, in Pleasant Grove. It was so much fun. For some reason, though, I completely forgot that it was also Labor day. The park was jam packed with lots of kids, but we still had fun. Tons of it. :D

On Tuesday, we went over to Dustin's aunt's house and they had a little birthday party for her there. Rhea (Miaya's grandma), Sue (Dustin's aunt), Marlene (Miaya's great grandma), and I all worked on a cute magnet board thing. Again, great fun.

Wednesday was the actual birthday. We woke her up early to show her the present we got her. We got her SAND! hahahahaha. That's right. A sandpit. Not spectacular, I'm sure. We, however, were super excited about it, and Miaya loved it too! She insists on going out and playing in it every day! Yay for being outside. We also went to Rhea's house and made relish. It was a first for me and Rhea was gracious enough to show me how to do everything, and to let us use her house. Miaya loves going to grandma's house. And later that night, we roasted marshmallows. It was lovely.

It was such a fun week, too, because Mamma was here for a visit. I love having family come and visit. I felt bad, because my days are usually quite void of activity, but this week we were doing something everyday. It was tiring. I hope Mamma had fun, though. :) She's already on her way back to Calgary, if she isn't there already. So fun.

The pics up top are all out of order, but hopefully you can kind of see what we were doing in them. We also took Mamma to Jordan River Temple on Wednesday. It was one big photo op for Miaya. hahahaha.


MoBo said...

AwEsome! Thats so great, Especialy the Sand! the Sand Pit was my favourite toy when I was younger, that and the swings.

Is Miaya spitting in the water? HehahaH

You guys look Great! Great Pictures

MiriamR said...

My kids want a sand pit. They put sand in their pool. Its so windy here though I am scared we will all get blinded by sand particles. Maybe next summer if we come out we can play in yours.

MiriamR said...

p.s I just started reading Jane Eyre. I like it. I LOVED howl's moving castle. SOOO fun! I don't have the air castle at my library so I ordered it on for .75cents. 4.50 with shipping. Oh well I want to read it.