Saturday, September 19, 2009

A conversation with Miaya

Miaya was chattering away to someone in the tent we made out of blankets and chairs.

Me: Miaya, who are you talking to?

Miaya: Jojo.

Me: Who's Jojo?

Miaya: He's right here.

Me: Where?

Miaya: Right here. (She was inside her blanket tent)

Me: Where? (As I crawl into the makeshift tent with her.)

Miaya: Right here.

She is pointing to a space right in front of her, where there is nothing. I assumed that she had made an imaginary friend. I was wrong. It turns out there on the floor where she is pointing, there is in fact a tiny little ant. This is Jojo. And yes, I have ants in my house. How gross. But such a fun moment for me. :D


MoBo said...

AHAHAHAHAH That is So great, its unbelievable. I read in shocked horror, wondering if Miaya had an Imaginary FrienD! and then I thought about it and came up with meh, COOL! and then you said it was an Ant and I laughed my Face off!!! hahahaha that is so great, Miaya You're a Super Star! high Fives, all around!

Hera said...

Tell Jojo hi from me. Children are so lovely in their sweet innocence. Let them enjoy it as long as they can.

MiriamR said...

I think we all have ants everywhere in the world. That story made me laugh, first I was like wow what a great early imagination and wondered if bubba would do that but then an ant! FUnny!! Bubba yells "KILL IT" when he sees bugs and squishes them, thats because I tell him to.