Monday, April 13, 2009


Here's what we've been up to the last couple of weeks. From most recent to least recent:

Easter egg hunt. Miaya got little golden eggs.
Lete finding one of the many candy bars.

Dustin helping Miaya search for golden eggs.

The first golden egg.

Last week at the park. Dad likes to slide too. hahahahaha.

Miaya on the slide. woo hoo!

A week ago Sunday. This was taken right before the elk bit his hand off. ahhahaha. Just kidding.

One of the first days after Dad, Lete, and Henry got here. Playing their guitars.

Dad showing Miaya how to play. These kids let her play it. I'm not sure I would. hahahaha.

We've also done lots and lots of shopping.


Maliana said...

aaaw cute!! she looks like she's concentrating really hard!

MoBo said...

hhahahah these are awesome. So many comments! so little brains space to remember! hahahah Cant WAIT for FRIDAY huahahah