Friday, January 20, 2012

Life is going on here at the Baker household

I haven't been blogging very much for a long while. Last year I made a goal to do one hundred blog posts. I didn't do that. But I got somewhere around 60 I think. Failing grade. ahahahahahhaa. Anyway, we have been living and surviving, and being sick, and happy and enjoying birthdays. (Okay, only I birthday, but it was mine, and it was lovely. More on such things later.) But yes, we're still here.
Sarah has been a bit sick lately, and her sleep habits are all out of whack. It's been a challenge, because I am absolute rubbish with no sleep. So I've been absolute rubbish in general. hahahhaa. Such is life, ey? She's so fun, though. She is getting so big, and chattering away. She has started stringing words together, so she can ask for things. It's wonderful to see her grow. I try not to mourn her babyness, but I think that's just part of me as a parent: excited for and about the new stuff, but sad for the stuff they're growing out of. Like my Miaya girl. She is getting so big. She's so wise. I'm kind of a freaker outer sometimes. It's true. And in those moments, she will very calmly repeat words to me that I've said to her to calm me down. It's humbling and shocking enough to me that it works. :) One of her preschool teachers mentioned to me that she has the whole class socially wrapped around her finger. She loves people. We went to a park a few weeks ago, and there were other children there, and she ran right over to them and asked if they wanted to be her friend.

I've got the blues a bit, but I try really hard to not let it get me down. Yogalates (no really. :) and sunny days and the love of my good man and my lovely daughters are big helpers. And lots of prayer.

Operation de-clutter has been a huge success, and is an on going process. Just when I think I have everything where I want it, I realize I can down size even more, and Tada! more stuff goes into the garbage, or the DI or wherever else. Good times.

That's all for now. Hope you are doing well. :)


MoBo said...

OH MY GOSH, I thought miaya was miayas cousin I didnt know of that looked a lot like her hahaha She sounds super awesome! and it sure is a little sad when the babies arent babies anymore, but like you say its awesome that they are growing! hoho those are some great stories and pictures. I totally just revamped mamma's lieberry (where i abode) and its so awesome, and i've realised that everything has a home, its just a matter of finding it! keke

Mucho ofa atu!

Hera said...

Yes they do grow up. Just enjoy every milestone they have. Just remember when you are blue to not think to much about all the stuff that needs to be done. Just do the basics and then do things for yourself whatever you might enjoy. The blues usually go away bit by bit. Don't get too tired and nap when you can. Let other people help if possible. Love always