Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 7: Shadow

I didn't really like any of the shadow photos I took today. It's something I am going to do more often, that is for sure.

So on to the picture: I like the story of this photo. It's Miaya hiding from Sarah. They were playing outside, and Miaya decided to hide behind the apple shrub*.

Day 7: Miaya hiding behind the apple shrub.
By the way, it is a bit odd when kids run into my backyard and ask for Miaya and then stay. Not asking if they can play. Just start hanging out. It's a bit awkward. hahahahahahaha.

*apple shrub: It's supposed to be an apple tree, but I try to keep it small. Or else it grows into the power lines. (Whoever planted the trees in my yard before I owned my home planted things all over the place. Seemingly without much thought. All the trees grew right into the powerlines or the house.) Hence the shrub part.

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