Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big head

So I love the pictures I take, for the most part. I think it's bigheaded of me, but c'est la vie. hahaha. I hope to do something with the pics I take someday. Who knows? I want to get better. I love Ansel Adams. He inspires some of my pictures. I am not even remotely comparing myself to him, just stating that I enjoy his work. But yeah, I am boring today, and my last post was too. I think it's because Dustin is gone, and for one reason or another, it makes me a bit flat. I am better today, though, than I was yesterday, and on Monday.

We are having cheese and crackers and grapes for snack. I love this combination. love it love it love it. So does anyone read my posts? just curious. I am wondering if I have been writing for myself lately, which is fine. It's a good creative and venting outlet for me. Dustin and I had a pretty big to do the other week, and it was sooooo awful. We haven't ever had a fight like that before. And hopefully never again. But in the middle of it all, I sat at the computer and poured my guts out, and now it is in my journal. I try to include good and bad and all sorts of stuff. I don't want posterity to think that life is just a walk through the roses, because it isn't. Life has ups and downs, and love and hate, and good and bad, and boring bits, and adventurous bits. Marriage too. I want them to know that just because you have disagreements and misunderstanding, it doesn't mean you should run away from them. It means you have to work harder, and be constantly vigilant as Mad Eye Moody says. ;) Against anything that may tear you or your family apart. Anything.

Now my soapbox-ing is done. hahahahaha. I guess not so boring afterall. At least for me. hehe.

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