Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I found these pics online. Apparently I like some of Annie Leibovitz's work. She has some ugly stuff out there too, but I really like these Disney ones. They are lovely. Well, the Drew Barrymore one isn't Disney, those are Vogue pics, but lovely none the less. I looked at that particular issue of Vogue on ebay to see how much it was, and it's $15.00. What the crap?

I also found a cool blog. It is Normal Mormon Husband. I've linked it on the right, under blogs. I think it's brilliant. hahahaha. and funnny too. check it out.

And I am obsessed with many things. Here are a few: the twilight series (delicious) and anything Stephenie Meyer, the inheritance cycle (it's been way to long), Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie (will it ever have a trailer?), and the twilight movie. So excited. I am, really.


MiriamR said...

Those are in like every vogue. I have the vogue with Barrymore on the cover but the disney's in it aren't her. But I did have that one, I remember the pictuers, I threw it away in Utah. Whoops. ANyway my old music teacher from AM Fork High lives in the town they are shooting or shot that twighlight movie and she has an open profile on facebook. One of her albums is pictures of the set and some of the caste if you want to see here it is: ok so take a look.

meleofa said...

I am glad you read my blog. hahaha. how silly of me. I love your guys blog. No worries about the commenting thing. I think it was just because no one had commented for a while that i wondered if anyone was reading it. hehe. I love those pics, though. The drew barrymore one is from a huge spread that annie leibovitz did for vogue, they were all beauty and the beast ones. I thought it was a cool concept. I just picked out my favorites of the disney ones.

MiriamR said...

Those would be good pictures for a childs room! ANyway I just called the Bookstore and everybook is SOLD OUT until like 2 weeks and he said they will probably sell out again as soon as the shipment comes. That makes me wonder if I will have to go on a list when I actually get to the library poop.

The Black's said...

Mele, this is Chelsey. It has been so long. Since 2001 when you graduated. Your little girl is so cute. I found you from Miriam who found me from shari's blog. It is so good to see you.