Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miaya is taking a nap.

 Today, she took all the cushions off the couch and told me  "Look Mamma, I made myself a nice little bed." It was quite nice. Then I told her it was nap time (she knew it was coming) and she didn't want to go in her bed, so I told her she could nap on the cushion bed if she would actually sleep. She did! I am amazed.

So Muse is coming the E center in April. Dustin mentioned it to me! I am amazed, because he is not one for concerts. I adore them. I am thinking of going. Even if I will be a big fat ball. : D I won't go general admission, but I could sit and enjoy it, right? I hear they are freaking amazing in concert. I lub them.


Suzanne said...

How cute, I love taking naps in random places too! :) I love her hair. She is an absolute doll.

MiriamR said...

dude you should totally go to MUSE!! AHH I would go for sure. Daniel went and I hated him but he went and he said they play the piano and its a great show like they do a good job with all the lights and entertaining you not just sitting there and doing nothing.