Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How was yours?

I had a most lovely Valentines Day, and I hope you did too. Once church was done on Sunday, the Baker family Presidents Day weekend was able to begin. That sounds terrible, or maybe it doesn't. I don't mind, either way. :) See, Dustin had to work until 11 pm on Friday night, and most of Saturday, and so we didn't get to see him very much. Then, we came up with a brilliant plan: to go camping from Sunday night to Monday! Dustin had Monday off, so it turned out quite nicely. We took naps after church, then woke up, packed the truck up, and drove out by Ophir to find a camping spot. It was pretty spur of the moment thing, and we are always out there during the spring, summer, and autumn months, and have seen plenty of camping spots, so we figured there had to be many. There weren't many. Not many at all. And there was quite a lot of snow all over the place. I mean, it is February, after all.

Just when Dustin was ready to give up and go home, we happened upon a spot. Not a lot of snow in the immediate vicinity. Dustin started the fire while I set up the tent and Miaya and Moose went wild with being in the wild. It was great fun. My fingers started to freeze, though, so Dustin had to get the poles of the tent up. We roasted wienies on the fire, had some root beer, and donuts, told lots of stories, because Miaya loves stories of all shapes and sizes. Then Miaya was getting really really cold, so she and I hopped into our bed, and snuggled while Dustin waited for the fire to go out. It was a blast. Miaya wanted more stories, particularly the one about the green dog. Not sure why, but she especially requested that one. When the fire was finally out, Dustin came and hopped in too, and he was warmer than I was!! hahahaha. We stayed warm all night. I thought we would wake up at 3 and pack up and go home, but we stayed all night, and actually slept. All through the night we could hear a pack of coyotes howling. It was so weird sounding! And eerie, and beautiful. I've never heard them before.

At about 5 or 6 am we woke up to that wake up song of the military. I don't know what it's called. It's the bugle one. It was really funny. We were in Rush Valley (the valley, not the town) which is also home to the Deseret Chemical Depot, which plays that over their speakers placed all over the place in case of emergency, you know, like if there is a nuclear leak of some sort. We went back to sleep and then woke up sometime around 8. It was snowing, sort of. More like frozen fog. It was great. Dustin started a nice big roaring fire. That was very nice. We had donuts for breakfast (they were frozen solid! hahaha) and while we were sitting around the fire, Dustin looked at me and told me I was beautiful. I love those moments. It's interesting, because I obviously didn't feel beautiful. We were camping, my hair was like an eagles nest, and I was all grungy, oh and I am quite pregnant and a bit awkward as a result. I like that my husband finds me beautiful no matter what. I love him. :)

I thought of this as I read Melanie's blog post. I like me most of the time, too. Being pregnant has a great way of reminding me just what an amazing miracle the human body is. We do so much to abuse our bodies, and yet they somehow are able to bounce back, to do the many things we ask them to do. So cool.

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Matt and Suzanne said...

I agree the human body is incredible. What a fun family outing! I must say though, you are amazing to do that being pregnant. I tried it one night, and the second we were in a hotel ;) Your Miaya is SOOOO cute. Her hair is my favorite!