Monday, February 22, 2010

A purse.

I want a purse like this. It is a bit expensive, though. I read about it today on Dear C Jane. It seems to last, though. Good times.


MiriamR said...

wowza! Sorry I just looked at the price ha ha ha. I like the turkish twilight. Looks like a good alternative to a bulky diaper bag though. Man I remember being pregnant with Alexander and getting this awsome diaper bag and then I didn't use a diaper bag with Eva at all. I kind of like the organization of it though.

meleofa said...

It is quite pricey. They are pretty, though and don't seem to be super bulky. They have them on Amazon, and I have been saving my swagbucks, and getting the amazon giftcards, but it would take longer than I have to be able to save up that many! hahahaha.

MoBo said...

HOLY CRAP! its a very nice bag though ahhahaha save them swagbucks! let us know if you save enough and get it!