Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mamma will be here shortly.

So I'm not going to lie: I'm tired. Today I have fallen asleep a couple of times. So pathetic. hahahahaha. My house is sort of clean, and Miaya is sort of content, and Dustin is too, so it's alright. We haven't yet finished the master bedroom, but are aiming to be done with it by this weekend. We just need to figure out what to do about getting carpet in the room. And then we can move everything around. Dustin and Ray painted the walls the other day. We have everything we need to finish the job, just not someone to install the carpet. There is a guy in our neighborhood who is a strong possibility, but I don't know if he'll be able to do it this week. We will find out soon.

Today Mamma flies in at 5:50pm. We will go and grab her, bring her home and eat dinner, then head out to Miaya's dance performance. It starts at 8 pm, but we are supposed to be there at 7. I figure if we are there by 7:30, we will be alright. :) It goes until 10, or somewhere around that time. It'll be interesting to see how long I last. For her Nutcracker performance, we had to worry about how long Miaya would be okay. This time it's me. hahahahahaha.

No baby yet, by the way. I'm feeling fine, other than being so tired. No regular contractions, no water breaking, nothing too bad. Yet. hahahahaha. My due date isn't until next week, so it could potentially be another week or two. hahahaha. We'll just have to see.

Here are a bunch of progress shots of the room. It has been a long process. It looks even better than any of these shots, because painting is pretty much done. Thank goodness. :)

Miaya's dance rehearsal yesterday. They are dancing to Just Sing by the Carpenters, or whomever sings it.  And then playing at the park after practicing. The perfromance is at Murray Park Amphitheater tonight and tomorrow night at 8 pm. :)


MiriamR said...

Love the pictures. What color did you end up going with? Yeah I hate painting! It was ok on one level but then I just got sick of it. Hopefully you won't be two more weeks! Yeah I fell asleep today on the couch and didn't really realize Daniel came home for lunch man its bad!!!

Shari and Trent said...

I can't wait to see the pic's of the cute baby on the way!

MoBo said...

Gosh! life slips away when we arent paying attention. I thought it was just yesterday that you hadnt posted anything, and now there is a post! haha I am so silly. Wonderful! I like all the pictures, and am waiting for more pictures of Sarah, and Miaya's Performance!! yeah! OH and Pictures of the finished room, and make sure you guys get a picture of Everyone together! and me and maliana will take a picture on the sunday too heheheh oh mo.. i am sad again.. hehe T.T