Thursday, October 28, 2010

Easily distracted.

That is me. And it's interesting, and even a little funny, because it makes me crazy to have to deal with it in others. Especially Miaya. I am pretty sure she is a little me with lots of good bits of Dustin mixed in. Thank goodness for the Dustin in her. She sees shiny things often, and gets distracted by them. The same goes for me. Luckily, Dustin has been with me long enough to decipher the meaning of what I'm trying to convey. Sheesh. I often wonder how clear my blogs are. Hopefully there is some semblance of clarity of what I'm trying to say.

Anyway. See, like right now, I am supposed to be cleaning. I put music on from the computer, and then I go and look and things on the interwebs, and then no cleaning is getting done. Shiny things. The bane of my existence, and yet, I lobe them.

Miaya had a Halloween thing at school. I wanted to share. I love her so much. She's so awesome.

Today a guy at Costco called her a little boy. And she says to me, I am not a little boy! I told her, I know. No matter what I dress her in, people assume she is a boy. Her hair is short, but I think she has decidedly feminine features. Whatever, though. She's a cutie. She was wearing a greenish-bluish velour track suit today, for crying out loud. Do boys hear veloure track suits with sparkly trim? Maybe, I don't know. No matter how much pink I have her wear, people often think she's a boy. Again, whatever. Back to my original thing, she had a Halloween program, sort of. It was really cute.


MiriamR said...

that is cute! Alexander had one but they didn't invite us so I figured I wasn't supposed to go. Weird dude. Anyway miaya is cute in her costume. Dude the other day this old lady asked if Eva was a boy haha. I get mobbed by old ladies over here because of Jamison and Eva and I want to smack everyone because Jamison is usually screaming bloody murder and they come along and say "Oh let me see the new baby" and I am in a store trying to get out of the store with a two year old also next to me. Sorry that was weird of me to mention. I often wonder why they bother to talk to you if they are trying to guess the gender of your child. Wow maybe I am grouchy the end. Miaya is cute in her costume for sure!

Maliana said...

miaya looks so awesome! she is the coolest witch ive ever seen :)

Wiley Family said...

Miaya is so adorable and cute. I have come to the conclusion that people are silly for trying to guess kids gender. I had someone tell me victoria was a cute boy when she was a wee little thing and those were the days she was completely decked out in pink with a pink head band and pink sparkly earings. I thought hmmmmmm interesting I guess they see a lot of cross dressing babie hahahahaha. Miaya is a lovely well balanced girl. People are weird. Oh and I completely understand the shiny object thing. Im like that and it's worse when i am pregnant hahahaha I think it's a toutai thing hahahahaha

Hera said...

People are gay like my children say. I made a rhyme again. I did not have hair forever and when I did it looked like a chicken butt(hænurass) in the wind. SO I suppose it is my curse. Then later my hair turned out nice. And now it´s impossible again and turning white very white in a few years haha. Going back to childhood (barndóm) Oldish Icelandic word.