Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sarah Laughs.

One of the funnest things ever is when your baby starts to laugh. She's been laughing for a while, but it's fun to record it too. hahahaha. She loves Miaya. Miaya is one of Sarah's favorite people in the whole world. : D

Sarah is lovely beyond words. She does this hilarious thing when I put my face close to hers. She makes a warning sound almost, and then grabs my face and rubs her face and mine together. ahhahaha. It makes me laugh every time.


Maliana said...

teeheehee she is soo cute and miaya is so funny being the laugh leader :D how great

MiriamR said...

that made my day! What a cutie!! Can't wait to see her she is SOOOO big!! Just CUTE!!

Hera said...

How fun. Made my day too. Such heartfelt genuine laughter. Your dad would love playing with her. You have two lovely daughters.