Thursday, May 31, 2012

May photoaday was a big fat fail

I have been too busy enjoying everything instead of taking pictures of it all! Too bad I'm not better at multitasking. ::sigh:: The weather has been gorgeous to cold to hot. 
So, perfect. hahahahahha. 
Lot's of sun, a bit of rain, some thunderstorms in April, planting the garden, planting the flowerbeds, the yearly trip to Fillmore, Miaya graduating from preschool, Miaya getting registered and such for kindergarten, Sarah starting potty training, swimming, gardening galore, shopping, etc. etc.

Miaya's eyes

me and Miaya

I adore this picture!!

So many ladies. (Dustin's family had all boys in his generation except for one girl, and the next generation is all girls except for two boys so far. His cousin Zach, when he was quite a bit younger, said we were having all ladies now. hahahahahaha.)


Miaya after her dance pictures

The eclipse! I didn't get any good pictures. It looked so so so so so so awesome, though. So awesome.

Miaya's graduation.

The very last one to get her diploma. :D



Sarah and Great Grandma Adams

Oh, and Miaya's spring concert is coming right up! Rehearsal on Friday and then the performances on Monday and Tuesday. This year's theme is Dancing Through Broadway. You wanna come? It's free! Murray Park on June 4th and 5th at 8:00pm. It's a lot of fun. See here for any other details you might need.


Maliana said...

i wanna come, it sounds like a really good time. i love love love sarahs swim tutu! i want one too! so many lovely pictures of all the lovely ladies! i love that you say ladies and not just girls! so much love for the post hahahahah!

Hera said...

Thanks for all the lovely photos. They are so grown and changing all the time. Love from us all