Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Concert: Dancing Through Broadway

 The is year Miss Margene's spring concert was called Dancing Through Broadway. Miaya's Class's dance was called Doll on a Music Box. It's that song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang where Truly Scrumptious is pretending to be a doll on a music box. They were so cute and lovely. I have video, but I'll post it another time because it's having troubles right now. It was way fun, though.

By the way, these are Miaya's dance pictures, and were taken by JBP Photography. She's done an excellent job with Miaya since she was 3. :)

 At rehearsal, on Friday the 1st of June.

Miaya is right in the middle.
Must haves for rehearsal: water and snacks. It was pretty warm. I didn't remember her tutu! But I did remember it for the performances1 hahahaha.
First performance: Monday June 4th.

Miaya and her partner Mia.

They did really well

twirl and skip and make a shape

Sarah bouncing off the walls in her new dress.

 We left early on Monday night. It was really hot, and Sarah couldn't run around like she wanted to. Miaya was pretty devastated to miss finale, but it turned out okay. Everybody was EXHUASTED.

Final Performance: Tuesday the 5th of June.Miaya and Mia are in the front on the left.

Miaya was freezing! It was pretty cold. Blazing hot yesterday, and freezy cold today.

 Finale! Miaya and her class are off to the left. She's one of the taller little ones.
Miaya's right in the middle next to the little girl in the red jacket.

Smile for the group picture!
I'm glad we got to stay the whole time last night. Yesterday was crazy windy, so I wasn't sure if they'd still have the performance, because it's an outside amphitheater. But I think lots of people decided not to come, because there were plenty of seats available, so we were able to sit where we could get up lots with Sarah, and not bug too many people. We bundled the girls up and snuggled and got to watch most of the show. It was so fun.

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