Friday, June 8, 2012

An interesting thought

I have a thing for tattoos. Did you know that? Well, now you do. I really really wanted to get one (and still secretly do) and when I was 17 I almost got one. Alas, I was broke, and didn't get one. It turned out fine, because, really, I'm fine without any tattoos. 

Okay, so back to loving tattoos. I think if I would have gotten that first one, I would have gotten more. And I think sleeves are AWESOME! I told Dustin I probably would have gotten one sleeve. Like a whole arm tattoo. Probably not all at once, but eventually it would have covered my whole arm. The left one. :D When I told Dustin this, I asked him if he still would have dated me or married me.

You know what he said? Probably not. Interesting, no? I'm not angry with him for this answer, because it's true. Why should I be angry with the truth? I find it VERY interesting, though. I don't find it to be judgemental either.  He said I probably wouldn't be the same person. And I have to say that I think that's true too. 

He met me when I was at a very good point in my life. And he's seen me at my worst too. I like the way things turned out.

And also, Sarah is "Potty Training". At our house that just means she's wearing underwear. hahahaha. And she gets candy for using the toilet. It's going okay. She is having lots of success. I'm so glad it summer! We can be outside lots. The biggest surprise is how helpful Miaya has been in the process. She is always helpful with Sarah, but she's encouraged her heaps when it comes to using the toilet. I didn't think she'd even bother herself with it. But she's been awesome. I'm a lucky Mamma to have two such lovely daughters. :) I love them.

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Maliana said...

i do really know why but that picture of sarah makes me laugh buckets!