Friday, August 14, 2009

The Dawdler and Runner

I read an article today, and it is so how Miaya is right now. You can read it here. I try to dawdle with her, and I thoroughly enjoy that part. I hate the running thing. It freaks me out! She ran away at the library today. And she was laughing hysterically! It made me laugh, but it wasn't very appropriate. Oh well. We'll get it figured out.


MiriamR said...

Bubba runs too. He does it at the store and only runs if he thinks I am giong to chase him or come after him. He looks at me and waits to see if I am going to come towards him then if I do he giggles and runs. Makes me nuts. Oh well.

Hera said...

They are only little once and for a few years and they make you laugh and smile. Then when they are older they go away and then you think of the times they were little and smile again.

MoBo said...

Thats a Great Article, and makes sense; But wouldnt it be great if you could Just let them Run, and didnt have to worry that someone would steal them or anything happening to them?? that would be Great and the article writer kept saying He and Him and his, as if toddlers were only boys, unless the heading explained that, thats Wack!