Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I read this blog/website thingy called Your Heart Out and it's really great for some fun things here in Utah. I found an etsy store from here in Salt Lake on their blog and it's so lovely! I am going to buy lots of things. :) So cute. Check it out.


MiriamR said...

I forgot about that blog. Hey do you want to go to that weird store that sells everything and nothing or whatever? You blogged about it a couple weeks back its like a collection or things store? Do you want to hang out sometime on Monday if you are not busy?

meleofa said...

For sure! It's only like 12 minutes away from here. :D It is not a very kid friendly store. There are lots of breakables and they are at kid height, but Miaya did okay as long as Dustin and I were always keeping two eyes on her. Have a good trip here. I'm excited to see you guys again. :D