Monday, March 21, 2011

And so, it has been 8 years.

Eight years ago today, Dustin and I went to the Salt Lake County offices and got a marriage certificate. When we got home, we called our bishop and asked him what he was doing that afternoon. He had a couple of hours available, and so, we called our friends, and we got married. It was just the six of us in our bishops office. Bishop Cannon and his wife, our two friends Vinson and Bryn, and Dustin and I. It was great for us, but most people in our lives were pretty unhappy at how we chose to be married. We, of course, were ecstatic, relieved, and happy.

It feels like it was only a couple of years ago, but it's been EIGHT YEARS. Woo hoo!!

Dear Dustin, there is no one else I would rather be with, no one else I love more, no one else I am more grateful for. I love you oh so much. Thanks for these oh so good years together. It's been so good. Here's to a million more.


Suzanne said...

8 YEARS! Awesome. Happy Anniversary you guys. You have such a beautiful family!

MiriamR said...

Happy Anniversary! 2 more years and its been a decade!! :)

Hera said...

Well done. Life just gets better. You have accomplished so much in eight years. Congratulations. I did call you on your special day hehe. I left a message.