Tuesday, March 22, 2011

White Lightning

This is White Lightning. The newest addition to the Baker clan. She is a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon. She is also a TDI which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. We got her weeks ago, and I kept meaning to blog about it, and haven't. And so, how I have. I thought she was hideously ugly the first time I saw a picture. I laughed when Dustin suggested such a thing. But then, I saw the sun roof, and I fell in love. How superficial can I be? Pretty superficial. Plus, now we can all fit in the car at the same time. And I've always wanted a Jetta. Lucky me.

Oh, and PS it should be a lot easier to find a Jeep now, because it doesn't have to be amazing from the get go. We can get one with blown engine, and fix it up. woo woo. I guess we are forever going to be a 3 car family.


MiriamR said...

I love it!! It makes me think you are European!! :) I love it white!! It will look clean even when its dirty. Oh and I love sun roofs too! OUr first car we bought had one oh and it have a BOSE system so did our second car and now my system sucks, whose superficial now? :) oh well. Love your car!!

Hera said...

Flottur bíll. I am looking forward to riding in your car. Now you just need a passport since you have the car hehe.