Sunday, March 20, 2011

Miaya's Humans

Miaya says such awesome things, and they make me immensely happy! When she first learned I am a child of God in Nursery, she would sing the line "With parents kind and dear" as "With parents kind of dear" so good. In preschool when they were learning about Thanksgiving, she would say Indians as Imbians. She calls marshmallows marshyellows. I love all these things.

She was drawing on the sidewalk outside, and when she was done she called me over. She said "Mamma, come and see my humans!" I adore her and her humans.


MiriamR said...

ha ha I like her humans too :) That is cute

Wiley Family said...

That's awesome. What a cutie. I love that she has her own humans.

Hera said...

Humans are lovely. Love you Miaya (Mæja) mín.