Friday, April 29, 2011

A review of my goals and other odd ramblings

Remember a while ago I wrote a blog about all the things I was going to do this year? Well, one of those was to write one hundred blogs this year. It is April 29th, and this is number 18. Oh my. I have some work to do.

I'm well on my way to reading one hundred books on my own, and with my girls. It's fun stuff, reading. ;)

So Dustin went to work at around 4:15 this morning. Isn't that disgusting? The thought of getting up that early makes me feel a bit sick. I hate getting up that early. He told me earlier "You know what's really depressing? When you've been at work a few hours, and then your alarm on your phone goes off and you realize you would just be getting up." Goodness gracious. hahahahaha. That wouldn't be very pleasant. Oh, and then he worked until about 7 tonight. Overtime is a double edged sword: awesome for the bank account, sucky for the family time and sanity. I try to not complain, because that is annoying. Wild, though.

So our movie tonight is Shrek Forever After. It makes me chuckle. We like the Shreks. I don't know that I'd like them as much if we didn't have kids. I know they aren't really kid movies, but, for me, they were an acquired taste, and I never would have watched them much if I didn't have my Miaya girl. She watches things over and over and over. Doesn't really get sick of them. It's quite amazing.

I didn't watch the royal wedding stuff. I find it fascinating, but I don't watch TV much, other than Netflix, and I hardly ever get on the computer anymore, and so I totally lost track of it. Did you watch it? Was it all amazing and such?

Oh, my latest favorite netflix show: Say yes to the dress. Have you seen it? It's fascinating to me. Before Dustin and I eloped all those years ago, we were in the process of planning a wedding. I hated it. Wedding dress shopping, where to have the reception, the flowers. It was yucky. So I am fascinated watching all those women picking the perfect dress that they've dreamed about since they were little girls. I don't think I ever dreamed of such things as a little girl. But I may have. I love this show, though. I think I am also preparing myself in part for when my girls are going to want to get married.

Miaya already talks about getting married. I am always shocked when she talks about it. Dustin hopes we have another 30 years before we have to worry about it. hahahahaha. In 16 years, Miaya will be the age I was when I got married. oh my.

We had vacation last week. It was pretty fun. I'll do a post about it. and Easter. I hope.

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MiriamR said...

415 is way too early :( Hes a tough guy. I watched it! well I woke up right before Daniel had to wake up like 5 of something and watched the kiss. Then I watched the today show because they were there and stuff. It was really fun I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love having small distractions for a few days. I don't watch much tv either but I turned on the tv on thursday morning last week and realized the wedding was coming. Anyway I never wanted to get married for a long time. I hope Eva doesn't talk about it. bleh. I love all the wedding shows. THey are fun to watch but planning a wedding isn't fun if you are the one getting married :)