Saturday, February 5, 2011

the 100's

So I have a few goals that involve 100s for 2011. I am going to read 100 books. I am going to do 100 blog posts. I am going to read 100 books with Miaya and Sarah. I love to make goals.

But even better than making goals is completing them. Accomplishing something, you know? Last year I made a goal to go to 5 new places. I can't remember if I did it or not. But we have a folder of goals we want to accomplish as a family, stuff on the house, getting out of debt, etc, and I love to look through it and update it and such. I adore lists, and crossing things off them. It's so satisfying to look through the folder and realize how much we have done. I have to remind Dustin often of how far we have come from where we used to be.

When we got married, we were deeply in debt, a little irresponsible, and living with Dustin's grandparents. We have learned lots, have very little debt, and have our own home now. We also have two beautiful girls, Moose the dog, and are much more financially comfortable than we've ever been. It's amazing, because I really do think that the older I get, the more I realize I don't know. When I was younger, I thought I knew so much more. hahahahhahaha. I might even have known it all. :)

 And these pics have nothing to do with the post. Well, now they do. ho ho ho. A couple of weeks ago, we weren't feeling well, and the air was gross, so we drove up into the Uinta's and then around to Provo Canyon. We got some fresh air and sunshine, and it was nice. I look like crap, and that's okay, because I felt like it too. hoo hoo. My family looks lovely, though. :)


MiriamR said...

I love goals too!! But I made way too many last year and then got sick with morning sickness and then got non of them done but got millions of other little things done so it was good. We have been feeling similar I think. I have been looking back and seeing how much we have learned being married! I didn't think I knew anything when I got married though and I didn't haha I still don't know much but I have learned many lessons. I love this post thanks Meleofa!!

MoBo said...

hahah you and your family are so Awesome. Awesome possum

Wiley Family said...

Yes fresh air is awesome!!! That how I felt today. today the weather was awesome, not cold or hot just perfect with a cool breeze and the sun was shining. One of those rare days you just stop and breathe and you don't think of anything, you are just in that moment appreciating the beauty of that day and how wonderful all the creations are. Anyway Willie and I also think of how much has been accomplished during our years together and the wonderful blessings we have been allowed to have. Life is good with everything that comes with it good and bad. Love you.