Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Post number 200? cool.

So today I was reading a blog and the author mentioned that upon moving to Utah, they realized the world would have to end in order for school to be cancelled. It is too true. I keep hearing about all these other places across the country cancelling school. I remember living in Spanish Fork when I was about twelve, and one morning I had to run through thigh deep snow to get to the school bus. Because it was not the end of the world, and therefore, we had school. So fun to see the differences in what constitutes a snow day. :)
P.S. This picture is from weeks, or even months ago. hahahahaa. Today it is sunny as all get out, and colder than a freezing thing. Soooooo cold. Brrrrrrrrrr.


Maliana said...

ochoma! its also cold as a jingle jangle here! i dont think things get cancelled here either :) hahaha

MiriamR said...

a freezing thing haha. Yeah school has been canceled twice here. I think its cause they don't have enough plows and its not worth it for them to stock up on snow stuff cause its like twice a year so its cheaper to shut school and companies down. But I was told it was canceled here yesterday and today because of the ice on the roads. its so fraking cold!! they don't want people getting in accidents just for school. Haha and they don't have snow days on the calenders either! Congrats on the 200 post. Im cold.

MoBo said...

LOL has miriam been watching too much battlestar galactica?? HAHAHAHA or however you spell it hahahah

I remember running around in the knee high snow! it was great fun! I think all the school cancelling is because like miriam said, they arent equipped to make it safe, because they are all desert hot places, or not as cold places.

Like in England, they used to not have any snow, and so EVERYTHING would shut down if they got any powder. Its nothing to do with the cold, unless you are in Canada, then if its -32 or whatever then they will cancel school, because once again the schools dont have the capabilities to keep the kids from dying. or getting frostbite. so its all about how long and boring I can type things and pretend to be smart.

The End

HAHAH Great picture! everyone is just a whiney pants, Go To School! or be a fool! Like Me HOOHOO!

Wiley Family said...

ok so when miriam wrote fraking i too thought hmmmm does miriam watch battlestar galactic and then I saw melanies comment and I busted up laughing ahhahahhaha. too funny. I really liked battlestar galactic minus all the scenes of people doing inappropriate things all the time. But yeah to really add to this conversation we have snow days here for any snow that shows up. I don't like it because that means the whole town is shut down so you cant even go anywhere. plus snow days have to be made up so the long weekends you are looking forward to and try making plans for are cancelled because kids have school on that monday. 2 days were taken from Mana's christmas break because of "snow" hahahaha. but the ice thing is scary. We have tons of ice on roads which is really dangerous because most of it you can't even see. love you all.