Monday, November 21, 2011

de cluttering the house

So a few weeks back, I realized belatedly that my sister Miriam invited us to New Mexico for Thanksgiving! And all looked well and good to go, so we accepted. We also planned to see Dustin's brother and his wife on the same trip. Happiness ensued, and it was great fun planning for this trip. 

Then our car had troubles. 

First, I needed new tires. They were quite baldy, and the weather was getting winterish. So new tires were bought. And then other things kept needing attention on the car. Bit's were breaking and misbehaving. (By the way, we bought this car, the vee dub, so that we could stop having to fix things all the time. We've already spent way more on fixing the vee dub than we spent TOTAL on the little hot rod. Boo!) And so, we could no longer go on said trip. boo hoo. But Dustin still had the whole week off! 

So so so, what to do?! De clutter, of course! It might sound unfun to you, but it is quite refreshing. I thought it would be a bit sucky, but it's not! Last week I took a whole car load of stuff to the DI. We've cleared out so much stuff we haven't used, or aren't going to use. I always feel bad when we don't do fun stuff when Dustin has time off, but not to worry. We're going shooting on Thanksgiving, and that is always always fun times. Hope your week is going well. :)

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MiriamR said...

I love decluttering when daniel is home! He doesn't but I do! :)We cleaned up our back yard and thats all we did ha ha