Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the Growing Up girls

Children grow. We all grow. It is all a part of this lovely experience we are having called life. My children, my daughters, are so lovely, it is humbling for me. I love to see their wonder as they experience things for the first time. I love to watch them grow. Even though it seems to go so quickly.

Miaya, who I swear I just gave birth to, is constantly making lists of what she wants to be when she grows up. Today it consists of: a doctor, a librariam (that's how she says it and I love it), a firefighter, a dancer, and just added: an island princess. I hope she gets to be all of those things.

And Sarah, who has grown like a weed before my eyes, is not only walking with confidence, but running! And chattering away, and repeating things we say to her. And singing, and dancing, and didn't we just bring her home from the hospital the other day??

My babies are little girls now, and before I know it they will be young women, and then young wives, and then young mothers. How grateful I am to be able to be a part of it all. I am blessed.


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Daughters are wonderful such blessing in our lives. Miaya is already a Island princess of two islands :)