Friday, November 11, 2011

He loves me

They other day while Sarah was napping, Miaya and I were doing things around the house and chatting, and I asked her about her best friend, Jared. (Her words, the whole best friend thing.) And she was telling me he didn't like it when she was friends with other people. He sounds a bit possesive if you ask me. hahahahahaa. OH my. But anyway, so she was telling me sorts of fun things they do together at preschool, and then she looks at me and smiles and says "He loves me" all serenely. Ugh. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. It IS the most natural thing in the world to love Miaya. hahahaha. But for him to love her blew me away. And made me chuckle.

Sarah is a very sensitive girl. We are slowly but surely getting lots of opportunities to learn this. The other day she was sitting in my lap while I was on the computer. When I looked at her, she was sucking her thumb. I've never seen her do that, so I asked "What are you doing?" I thought I was using a normal voice, but apparently I wasn't, because her bottom lip poked out, and she got all sad, and teary eyed! I was like "Oh, you're not in trouble or anything, I was just surprised." And she still wouldn't smile. Her tender little feelings were all hurt. It was really sweet and cute. hahahahahahaaha.
She's also very expressive in general. Especially verbally. When she was born, the nurses and doctors commented that she had a set of lungs on her. I was like whatever, she's just crying. hahahahha. They were right. hahahaha. The other day she wandering around the house saying "Why?!" at the top of her lungs. (kind of dramatically hahahha) For no reason at all except that she liked to say it. It was awesome.

Oh what fun to have daughters. hahahahaha. Love them.


MiriamR said...

cute Sarah, Alexander has a best friend at school named Paityn and they aren't even in the same class anymore but he used to get upset when she would be assigned to sit with other people on the bus. He still has a hard time with everyone playing together and not just you play with me type of thing, so maybe that little boy just has that? :) with the possessive thing I mean

Hera said...

Haha for the comments and Sarah. Perhaps Sarah is using her Tongan talents haha. To cry on cue. They are all wonderful grandchildren.